ICCA International Symposium

Laboratoire d’Excellence, Industries culturelles et création artistique

CALL FOR PAPERS: ICCA International Symposium, Paris, 30-31 January

Cultural policies. What’s new?

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The labex icca is organizing an international symposium on cultural policies.

The question of cultural policies and of their convergence towards a single model – or on the contrary of their divergences – arises in a context of globalization.

Indeed, many factors encourage convergence:

  • the industrialization of a wide part of cultural activities;
  • the polarization between structures that are both agile and open to digital technologies and more traditional structures;
  • the global market power of GAFAM on three complementary fields : access to culture via search engines, distribution of cultural goods via e-commerce, digitization of cultural goods and services;
  • the importance given to copyright enforcement;
  • the role of the international art market and positioning of museums facing the evolution of this market (especially competition and rise in prices);
  • public / private rebalancing, even in countries where public intervention is predominant.

This conference aims to bring different disciplines into dialogue in order to better understand to what extent these elements of convergence leave entire disparities that are due to the history of cultural policies, to the sociology of national cultural practices, to the particular relationship between territories and big cities, etc.

It will therefore appeal to history, economics, sociology, management, law, communication science, to better identify the factors of convergence and divergence.

The symposium will be organized in three half-days, each structured in the following way: a keynote, then two or three parallel sessions.

Final deadline of the proposals: 30 October, 2019
Final date of acceptance of the paper: 15 November, 2019

Proposals should include: title of paper/session, brief credentials of presenter(s), abstract of the paper, and a brief presentation of the methodology and main issues. Submissions should be sent to:

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